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Analogue signals are the bio-food for the cell

Evolution has given us senses through which we can experience the environment and orient ourselves. But just as we cannot grasp sunlight, we cannot see natural sound and others, but we can feel them. Although we cannot touch light frequencies or see sound waves, our bodies can feel these environmental components. Humans react evolutionarily to natural environmental characteristics with relaxation and a feeling of well-being, but more and more also to artificial environments such as acoustic smog. Music and sound are caught up in an industrially induced inflation. Music is mutilated, compressed, digitalised and fed to the body in a mostly unnatural way. As a result, our senses become more and more impoverished or overreactive. Irritation and rejection are the consequences.

Although nature provides us with natural sound, modern life means that we hardly have any access to it. Many people have to travel long distances to experience natural sound. Immersing themselves in natural acoustic influences from the loudness of everyday life allows them to breathe a sigh of relief. This fact leads to the fact that acoustic overload and stress have an influence on our health. Klanggesund® sound transducers show a way to transport natural sound into the places where we live and work. These products appeal to people who want to enjoy their music like a richly stocked buffet: complete- analogue- healthy, restful and invigorating.

Digital is human - analogue is natural

Natural sound is a basic evolutionary need of the body. Nature works only analogously with an infinite harmonic spectrum, which we call timbre. This wealth of information is of fundamental importance for the body, its hearing and feeling perception.

Mechow P2 - Full analogue complete system

Original Mechow Schallwandler®.Mechow P2 - Full Analog Complete System is an original Mechow Schallwandler® system for music lovers with analog demands. It offers sound healthy living.

Mechow P3 - Full analog complete system

Mechow P3 is a Original Mechow Schallwandler®. It is a 3 way complete system fully analog. Its sound is brilliant and gives music lovers feelings of bliss.

Hybrid technologies

Special needs require a custom-fit solution. Then an interface between Klanggesund® transducers and conventional amplifier technology and digital components is required. Multimedia paired with klanggesund® transducers are sometimes unavoidable due…

Hybrid technology Mechow 2 DAS

Mechow 2 DAS with interface digital-analog-stereo

Hybrid Technology Mechow 3 DAS

Three-way system Mechow 3 DAS with interface digital-analog-stereo