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Frequency therapy - the door opener to the cell

Understanding Holographic Frequency Therapy requires the basic understanding that frequencies have an influence on health and well-being. Frequencies are acoustic vibrations that we can hear and, depending on our sensitivity, feel.

Many people do not know that they are permanently under the influence of frequencies and that this must be compensated and processed by the body. While complementary doctors, naturopathic therapists and scientists are already opening up to the trend of vibrational medicine, the idea of using natural sound technology for therapy is still quite new. The integration of these special and different natural sound products in the naturopathic context is inevitable from an evolutionary point of view. Regulatory rigidities can thus finally be a thing of the past.

The natural sound principle is a basic prerequisite for frequency therapy. Transporting natural sound into any room presupposes that a technology is available that reproduces natural sound in a natural way: spherical, with low sound pressure and in phase. This is what the East German engineer Rudolf Mechow® currently achieved in the 1990s. In the context of frequency therapy, we speak here of sound transducers- a technology that transforms unnatural direct sound into spherical sound perceived as natural by the body.

Equipment for practising the HFT® method

Mechow® Med HFT Plus

Technology for the implementation of the HFT®

Mechow® Med Small

German technology for the implementation of HFT®