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Our leasing partner Archimedes in Germany/ Austria

You have already decided on a product and would like to realise your investment without tying up valuable capital? As a sensible alternative to purchasing medical equipment, we offer you the option of leasing financing for a net purchase price of 2,000 euros or more. If you lease a device, you can dispose of it directly without having to spend a large amount of money first. The capital investment that would have been required for the purchase can be used elsewhere and the monthly leasing instalments are paid from the current income - which is generated not least with the help of the leased equipment. In addition to individual tax advantages, leasing offers the possibility of conserving existing equity capital and leaving existing credit lines with banks untouched. Flexibility and cost transparency enable the clever businessman to plan his finances precisely without hindering necessary short-term investments.

If you are interested, please contact us directly

Archimedes Leasing.