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Patent and trade mark inspection

At the heart of every Original Mechow Sound Transducer® is a cone that converts the direct sound of the loudspeaker into a spherical sound.

Two sound transducers create an acoustic hologram, a technical innovation that, for the first time, makes frequency-therapeutic application possible in addition to natural listening pleasure.

The cone is the result of intensive research work: after deciphering the physical principles of natural sound propagation during the 1980s and 90s by the now retired engineer Rudolf Mechow®, the acoustics specialist succeeded in transferring these laws into application. With the help of the cone, natural sounds can be technically produced.

The original Kamapanoid (double cone) has been further optimised over the last 10 years in favour of sound quality and the necessary therapeutic effect parameters. Original Mechow transducers® can be recognised by their patented design - a cone with grooves.

The corresponding patent for the cone was granted in December 2016. It is listed in the register of the German Patent and Trademark Office under IPC: H04R 1/32.