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If it is too quiet live

More and more people who make music want authentic sound reproduction - low sound pressure, gentle on the ear and clean sound. Mechow Sound® systems offer solutions.

Authentic sound is a gift for the ear. Sound creations are the expression of those who bring them into the world. Their appreciation lies in not smashing musical creations with loudness. That is why this page is especially addressed to music makers, musicians, home musicians, sound therapists and all those who want to reach others with their sounds without straining the hearing and the body.

Natural sound technologies dominate every room in which you want to make music.

Products for PA concert sound

Projects room sound system

[Translate to Englisch:] Wenn Sie Projekte Raumbeschallung mit Naturschall planen, finden Sie hier passgenaue Lösungen. Ein flächendeckender natürlicher Klang erfüllt Ihren Bedarf.