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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Groß Potrems Castle near Rostock

Sauerstoffzentrum Nordost GmbH


Am Schlossteich 9 | 18196 Dummerstorf OT Groß Potrems

Tel. 03 82 08 – 43 08 79 |

Page excerpt: With kind permission of Dr. Treise: ".....In the interior of our chamber there is on the one hand a spherical sound system (generation of natural sound) with a dampening effect on the vegetative nervous system (thalamocortical projection). Furthermore, a special light therapy procedure of the Swiss company "Bioptron" (Nobel Prize technology, restoration of the natural, healthy cell state, frequency regulation) is applied for 10 minutes at half-hour intervals (certification by TÜV Rheinland).

Oxygen is not supplied via oxygen pressure cylinders, but via oxygen concentrators. Here, additional "air-light" devices are installed in the room of the oxygen concentrators. These devices cause a short-term conversion of H²O to H³O4 (dextrogenic water) and thus a partial energy charge of the oxygen in the room air.

A session in the 4-person chamber lasts 90 minutes."......

Sauerstoffzentrum Nordost GmbH