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For more than 20 years, Kerstin Brachaus-Mechow of Klanggesund® has been producing the Original Mechow Schallwandler® in a North German manufactory. She is carried along by an inner driving force that includes the desire for healthy sounds for all people, but also plants and animals.

"Every body has a right to healthy sound! It pains me greatly that MP3 and Co. are causing an ever more brutal dulling of human auditory perception."

In her many years as a music therapist, she was repeatedly disturbed by the experience of how beautiful handmade music was destroyed by sound pressure or cheap loudspeakers made any enjoyment of sound impossible. But listening perception also pays a price in the modern age. People have the feeling that they can no longer hear properly, but they are organically healthy. The brain reacts to poor acoustics and overloaded frontal perception, e.g. through computer workstations, with signal processing disorders. She has known for a long time that natural sound, even technically generated, can correct these problems quite quickly.

When she experienced the technology of the tinkerer Rudolf Mechow® - currently still known as the Sound Column - the inner idea of how sound should be for the auditory system met the natural sound technology.

This igniting force accompanies her to this day and her entire professional work is aimed at the acoustic care of people who live and work in medical practices, sound rooms, living rooms, kindergartens, hypnosis practices, relaxation oases.

Coupled with the knowledge of how important natural sound is for health, this fills her entire professional life.