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Mechow P3- Full analoge Completsystem

  • Original Mechow-Sound® up to ca. 100 m²
  • Mechow®Sound holography
  • Audio‐Holografie 12 Volt- full analog-
  • Four-channel channel separated
  • In phase/ linear
  • Ports Cinch-Klinke/Cinch-Cinch       
  • Further ports via adapters               
  • Prevention, hearing training, listening pleasure, relaxation         
  • Streaming  

Details Mechow P3 full complete system

The Mechow P3 system are concert columns for the highest demands on authentic sound.
As sound furniture, they adorn any room-even in special finishes.
Its sound brilliance pampers every ear and fulfills your demands for sound quality as the body likes it.
Natural and authentic hearing is a right of the body. 

  • Three-way column active
  • Height 117 cm, Ø 30 cm
  • weight per column 12,5 kg
  • Four-channel amplifier fully analog
  • Small 12 volt in high sound power
  • Channel separated/ phase separated
  • Sound holography original Mechow®

  • Three-way column 
  • Frequency response 15-20.000 Hz
  • Four-channel amplifier power UB 12 volts
  • channel separated
  • Rated power handling 2×10 watts, 2×20 watts RMS,
  • music power handling 100 watts
  • 4 inputs