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Analogue transducers for healthy sound bathing

Natural sound is a basic evolutionary need of the body. Nature only works in analogue in the range of audible and non-audible frequency ranges paired with an infinite harmonic spectrum. This is what we call timbre. Digital and analogue worlds seem to be enemies. Analogue frequency spectra naturally offer more. Their richness of information is fundamental to the body, its hearing and feeling perception. "As a music and frequency therapist, I observe a dramatically increasing impoverishment of all human senses. If sound had a voice, it would raise it admonitively. Headphones, Dolby Surround and compression of music files can have serious consequences for health" (Brachaus-Mechow). Our senses are getting more and more caught up in unnatural influences in the modern age.

This also affects auditory perception. Most people believe that only our ear hears. In reality, the body processes much wider frequency ranges, because every kind of vibration reaches it - the audible and the inaudible. 

Acoustics are invisible, so we cannot avoid them when they vibrate in very low or high ranges, for example. Its natural property is that it passes through any medium, including our bodies. Bones and cell water are natural sound and resonance bodies, which can be felt. But nature vibrates analogously and harmoniously. After a walk in it, we feel ordered and relaxed. This is also due to the natural analogue and spherical sound propagation. Its frequency spectrum, which is several times denser, is a kind of nourishment for the body. It draws energy and regulatory frequencies from it.

Klanggesund® sound transducers enable pure listening pleasure with a rich frequency range by means of music transmission.