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Mechow P2 - Full analogue complete system

  • Original Mechow-Sound® up to ca. 50 m²
  • Mechow®Klangholografie
  • Audio‐Holografie 12 Volt- full analog-
  • Three-channel channel separated
  • In phase/ linear
  • Ports Cinch-Klinke/Cinch-Cinch       
  • Further ports via adapters               
  • Prevention, hearing training, listening pleasure, relaxation         
  • Streaming  

The system Mechow P2 can sound your rooms up to about 50m². 

But also possible is the use on the PC, should you watch or edit your movies or audios on the PC.

The bass has a swinging seat plate for preventive use.

More about this in the explanatory video.

  • 2 transducers spherical mid/treble
  • pickup thread 10mm
  • Subwoofer active
  • three-channel amplifier (5,5x25x21 cm)
  • 2 stands with cable grommet powder coated
  • Color black