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Mechow Med Small

The Mechow Med Small system is a mobile sonication device with spherical sound propagation in narrower equipment.

It imitates natural sound and provides all the prerequisites for carrying out a frequency-therapeutic application.

Its mobility allows it to be used in the places of your choice.

The methodical application of the device can be learned at the Klanggesund® Academy.


The Mechow Med small system is a variant of the Mechow Med complete system with less equipment. 
It meets all the requirements for holographic frequency therapy according to Brachaus Mechow®(HFT®).
You learn the application German Academy Klanggesund®. It can be found in the city of Neustrelitz.

Learn application

  • Mobile spherical sound system 12 Volt
  • Frequency therapy applications
  • Listening to music in an acoustic hologram
  • Audio holography analog/linear/two-channel
  • 2x transducer spherical sound mids/trebles
  • Control unit without data carrier
  • Folding stands height adjustable
  • Main unit with handle without protective cover

Learn to use

  • Transducer power: 2×20 watts RMS/4 ohms, frequency response 150-20,000 Hz
  • Bass active power: 1×40 Watt RMS/4 Ohm, frequency response 20-150 Hertz
  • Integrated three-channel amplifier 12 volts
  • Phase-locked
  • Linear