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Stations in his life

Rudolf Mechow was born in Saxony-Anhalt in 1945. His childhood was unstable, with frequent changes in the place where he lived. 

He experienced the happiest four years of his childhood in Kreckow near Woldegk (Mecklenburg) with his paternal grandparents. He built his first radio, a detector, from post-war scrap metal at the age of 7. He earned many of his professional degrees at night school until he was in his mid-40s:

  • Inland skipper
  • Electronics technician
  • Surveyor specialist
  • Forestry worker
  • Civil engineering skilled workers etc.
  • Industrial electronics engineer (had to finance himself)


His very early interest in acoustics

Already during school years (1958-1960) own construction of radios with loudspeakers using the first semiconductor components (transistor type grey).

From about 1970 onwards, targeted work and development with regard to electronics and acoustics, e.g. development of special amplifiers for musicians, effects devices and loudspeaker systems, for various rock groups in the GDR such as Puhdys, Pankow or Lift .

The constant search for the perfect sound led to the discovery of the limitations of conventional acoustic technologies. This led to research into natural acoustic physical processes (from around 1973).

While searching for omnidirectional radiation of signals, I came across an illustration in a schoolbook from the Third Reich showing Siemens at the International Radio Exhibition in Berlin in 1936 or 37. This became the stimulus for further research in this direction. For unknown reasons, Siemens did not pursue this development any further.

With the first test constructions made of the available GDR materials (e.g. plastiline, cardboard, polyester, etc.) it became clear to me that I was on the right track.

After the prototype was finished, it was presented to acquaintances and DJs and musicians in the former GDR.

The surprisingly positive reaction encouraged the continuation of the development. In 1986/1987, the first products were made available to musicians and DJs for testing.

At that time, the loudspeakers and materials available in the GDR did not yet make it possible to build systems with greater power, so production was only intended for the home sector.

When I founded my own company (which was actually impossible in the GDR), materials and self-built loudspeakers were available to build the first loudspeakers for professional use. My products became known as "Phönix Klangsäule".

The completion of this development coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Since the GDR products and components were no longer permitted under new legislation, development had to begin anew. New problems arose in dealing with the German patent law in order to apply for a patent for the development. From about 1990 -2000, about 12 patents on this product were filed and confirmed.

His products became known as "Phönix Klangsäule". (The patents for this were lost to me after my serious illness in a business relationship with a West German patent exploitation company with attached criminal energy. He never received any remuneration for this.

  • At these institutions, for example, he contributed his knowledge:
    • Frauenhofer Institut
    • Various universities and technical colleges
    • Supervision of diploma students

Today, Rudolf Mechow is retired and has retired from active life.

The high professional competence of his inventions is evident in a number of highest awards and appointments in the field of science and acoustics.

He looks back on an eventful life, rich in experience, but also painful. "I am not an easy guy, I set high standards for myself and others. But I would describe my heart as big. This led to me having to deal with criminal energies again and again regarding my invention. I was repeatedly and severely deceived - as a human being, I had to put up with damage again and again because of my trust in people. I almost lost my faith in the good in people. (R.Mechow)

If one could extract the knowledge of a human being from a brain, one would have long since been empowered by it...without consideration.
Today, my invention is "honoured" by an infinite number of replicas... (Rudolf Mechow).

He is pleased to see how the first stages (development period approx. 1980-85) of his spherical sound technology (omnidirectional radiators) are now being used in industrial designs.